What are your expectations in this course?

My expectations for this Education 100 is to learn how to manage a classroom in a positive way that I want to understand and learn from my mistakes. I’m looking forward to showing my professionalism to myself and instructor because I know I can show professionalism towards others and myself. Preperation will for sure will help me become a prepared future teacher because I know it takes a lot of prep for a class or course subject and I’m up for new challenges with the goals I want to accomplish for myself and my family.


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Gjoa Haven and me.

          Gjoa Haven is located in the Canadian Arctic.  It has snow on the ground from October until the beginning of June.  Winter is a way of life for the people of Gjoa Haven, known as the Nattilik people.  Gjoa Haven is located on King William Island; its Inuktitut name is “Uqsuqtuuq” which means “place of blubber”.  In the community of Gjoa Haven, there are roughly 1200 people who live there, 95 percent of the population are Inuit.

          In the last sixty years, the hamlet of Gjoa Haven has seen a lot of change.  Originally, the people lived on the land and lived off the land.  Today the community members live in traditional houses with running water and electricity.  The community has two school, two grocery stores, an indoor arena, a hotel, a health centre and various government offices.  Gjoa Haven also has daily flights to Yellowknife on two airlines.

While traveling by dog team was common in the past it is more of a novelty today as nowadays most travel is done by all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, while trucks are used in town.  Water delivery and sewage are completed by truck in Gjoa Haven.  Although there is a high unemployment rate in Gjoa Haven, there are various job opportunities in town.  These opportunities are municipal workers, mechanics, and office workers for the hamlet itself.  There are also employment opportunities at the schools, health centre, stores and government offices and for the airlines.  The mining industry also provides employment opportunities but this work requires people to leave town to explore these opportunities.

          I was born in Yellowknife, but was raised and have lived in Gjoa Haven all my life.  As a young child growing up in Gjoa Haven my way of life was different from those who grew up in the south, where there were more amenities available to youth.  While there were stores and the community had a gym and an arena, a lot of the time I found myself walking around town with my friends, we would stay up late walking the streets or hanging out on the steps of the school.

          School itself was hard, I stopped attending in grade 10 because of bullying which I fell is a major part of life in a small community such as Gjoa Haven.  Life as a teenager in Gjoa Haven was not always easy, with not much to do but hang around, it was easy to find one self doing bad things such as drugs and alcohol.

          Although Gjoa Haven has changed from when I was a teenage.  I am still worried about the life I am able to provide for my children.  Not all of the changes have been positive but there are worst places to live and therefore I am confident that my children will have everything they need and want.

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Assignment 7

10 Years after 9/11

I would say this is a journal entry/personal reflection, because she is talking about 9/11. On what her thoughts were about that day. People were also looking to blame the muslems that lived in America.

She attended five years of college in America, . She never faced any prejudice on the street or concideration for colour or nationality. Even security at the airports went up and if they had a Muslim sounding name and even chances that they would get treated like a potentional criminal.


Advice from the new girls.

I would say Sassy is talking about a social commentary, because of how the teens are acting as if they are adults while they attend high school, college and or university.

From my understandings, she talks about how her reaction on how things can be related to new teen girls as they are attending school out side of their home.


Baby no more.

On my understandings she is talking about her daughter in personal reflection. from having a baby to a little girl, which she was proud to call her own.

She remembers her first day of school, first school subject and she had to adapt to classes which had a little  difficult time with.

She remembers her as a cute baby, but everyday she grew more lovely and entertaining.


For the last assignment I’m assuming that it is a documentary, because they found a gorilla lying dead on the ground of Mount T on July 8th, they assisted him with pain killers and antibiotics, but on July 11th, he died
They weren’t able to move him around, so they called in the vets and they came directly to them.

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, is a very important day for me to remember, because in  ww1 and ww2 people fought for our country, our people and freedom. If it wasn’t for those soldiers, we wouldn’t have had our freedom for our country. There are not only soldiers that we should remember, but there are nurses, doctors, families that have lost their love ones and their friends. I’m sure a lot has effected the wars during those times. It must have been over millions that we lost during the ww1 and ww2. I’m sure people ask why they were fighting at that time, for sure it’s because they didn’t want German to run the countries across the world. Remembrance Day is a day to remember those who fought by land, sea or air.

I’m sure all over our country people remember all those soldiers and everyone else who was in both wars.

The poppies represent all those that fought for our country.


A few summers ago, me and my family went down south for the summer. We some times would drive by St. Catharines graves few days before Canada Day and see Canada flags all over the graves. I think those graves were all soldiers, nurses, doctors, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. For me it was very hard to see because they did what they can do for everyone in our country.

Lest We Forget


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Through these eyes

1) What do you feel is the main theme of this documentary?

I feel the main theme is about education on how to teach American students on how the culture was a long time ago. How they use to live out on the land and what they ate for breakfast, lunch and supper.

2) Do you feel a connection to the characters depicted in the film? Why?

I felt a connection to Sideonie, because of how everything was changing so quickly for her in our culture. Back then we still had a lot of elders who were still around  speaking our language and had a strong traditional ways of living. But for me, I feel that our language and culture is losing because we don’t really see or hear alot about our language or cultural. That is my opinion or thought.  

3) Being ‘caught between two worlds’ is a common theme when discussing Nunavut and the loss of traditional culture. Please reflect on this.

A lot has change for elders for sure. Especially with our language on how to communicate with them. How the culture was and looking at it now. I’m sure there are a lot of changes for elders and students back then who are now grand parents. 

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Greece and the global Economy


Greece and The Global Economy


         Greece is suffering from a major financial crisis that will affect the daily lives of its people.  This crisis will affect whether families will have food to eat, a place to sleep as well as if the government will have the ability to provide essential services to its citizens.  This crisis has come from poor financial budgeting and financial irresponsibility and overspending.


         This issue that I have stated about poor budgeting and financial irresponsibility causing people major problems and inconveniences can easily be related to my life in Gjoa Haven.  Nunavut as a whole have very poor financial budgeting in my opinion.  Examples of this are quite apparent in the Nunavut Housing Corporation situation.  Nunavut’s poor planning and financial irresponsibility in going over budget by some 100 million dollars has affected many people all throughout Nunavut as well as in Gjoa Haven.  This irresponsibility has cause people in Gjoa Haven not to be able to get their own home or for people in homes to get them renovated because the Housing Corporation now has to make severe cuts to recoup for their overspending.


Another way my life in Gjoa Haven has been affected by financial irresponsibility of the government of Nunavut is that the high school my community has been scheduled for major renovations for the past 5 years.  The renovations needed would cost upwards of 20 million dollars and because of how poorly Nunavut is with its money, the renovations are continually delayed and recently have been allocated roughly 8 million dollars for the project which is not even half as much as needed.  Furthermore, by not making the necessary renovations to the school this affects my children.  As the building they have school in is lacking some of the items that they require to have a good education.


         As in Greece, Gjoa Haven and Nunavut look for others to help in their time of need.  Greece and the European Union and Gjoa Haven have the government of Nunavut and the government of Nunavut has the government of Canada.  Like in Greece, if Gjoa Haven lived within its means then there would be less irresponsible financial spending and possible economic crisis could be avoided.



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Catherine wearing the amauti I sewed.

I enjoy sewing because it gives me more experience on how to make warm clothing for me or my family.

My very first sewing was a mother hood parka, my mom had cut apart some parts for me to hand sew the duffle together, and for the cover, she cut it out then she sewed it together. I don’t think I went further then sewing the front and back together. It turned out to be a nice and warm parka for me to use during the cold winter months.

Very first time to sew a in door amauti with a sewing machine was just couple of years ago. I started off with copying an in door amauti, cutting the pattern  and sewing it together, it was sort of a difficult thing for me to put together, but I got how it was supposed to be sewed together. It takes a lot of effort to become a better sewer with a sewing machine. After I got it done, I was surprised how well I sewed it, not only surprised, but happy I finally got something done for me, but ended up giving it to one of my friends down south. The in door amauti is a packing parka for us women to pack our babies in. I’m not sure what to call the in door ones, but for sure I’ll find out and post it on my blog. Sewing is an awesome part of me, but I just don’t have the time to sew as I’m busy with my family and attending classes during the week days. Hopefully things will calm down with both any time.

Each time I want to sew something different, I think of who it is going to be for, or something that I can have in my house to look at each time I pass by it.

I think sewing a new thing for me is going to be a big challenge for me, but I know I can challenge what I’m going to sew, especially if it’s something important for me or my family.

I hope my blog is understandable for friends to read. Feel free to comment below for further questions……..

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Article: Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom



Article: Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom


Why does the author of the arcticle feel that blogs are beneficial to education?


So we can have a better understanding with computer use or internet use when we become future teachers. Be more aware of what is going on, or what is going to happen.




Based on this article, what do you feel is the most important feature of blogs in making them  beneficial to a students education?


I feel that they work well for students because they can me used at any time and its maintained. Good communication with both teacher and students. Highly motivated for students who want to communicate and don’t want to participate in class.


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Survivor says Resolute plane crash ‘came out of nowhere’

Survivor says Resolute plane crash ‘came out of nowhere’

survivor of last month’s plane crash in Resolute Bay, Nunavut says there were no signs of trouble before the plane went down.

“There was no sights, no smells, there [were] no noises. It was completely sudden and violent, but the key is that it was sudden. It just came out of nowhere,” Nicole Williamson told the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge in an exclusive interview from her parents’ home in Ottawa.

“As soon as the impact occurred, my instincts, my guess, caused me to put my hands up in front of my face and I saw the plane come apart. I’m convinced the plane came apart exactly where I was sitting.”


What are your feelings about this story?

My feelings are for Nicole, because she just finished university and was off to work in Resolute Bay, who has  crushed foot and fractured pelvis, not only was hurt, but was in a plane crash with 12 passengers and 2 pilots. Most who were on that flight had lost their life due to the plane crash.


Because of those who were on the flight of 6560 on route to Resolute Bay and most lost their lives, but not only lost their lives, but those who were injured too.


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What to expect from EDMS 200?

What I’m expecting from the course is, that I be more visual with the computer at home or in school when I become a future teacher. Try and learn new things with computers. Be more aware of what is going on or what is going to happen with the computer I am using… 😀
Does that sound better ladies??? 😛

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