Catherine wearing the amauti I sewed.

I enjoy sewing because it gives me more experience on how to make warm clothing for me or my family.

My very first sewing was a mother hood parka, my mom had cut apart some parts for me to hand sew the duffle together, and for the cover, she cut it out then she sewed it together. I don’t think I went further then sewing the front and back together. It turned out to be a nice and warm parka for me to use during the cold winter months.

Very first time to sew a in door amauti with a sewing machine was just couple of years ago. I started off with copying an in door amauti, cutting the pattern  and sewing it together, it was sort of a difficult thing for me to put together, but I got how it was supposed to be sewed together. It takes a lot of effort to become a better sewer with a sewing machine. After I got it done, I was surprised how well I sewed it, not only surprised, but happy I finally got something done for me, but ended up giving it to one of my friends down south. The in door amauti is a packing parka for us women to pack our babies in. I’m not sure what to call the in door ones, but for sure I’ll find out and post it on my blog. Sewing is an awesome part of me, but I just don’t have the time to sew as I’m busy with my family and attending classes during the week days. Hopefully things will calm down with both any time.

Each time I want to sew something different, I think of who it is going to be for, or something that I can have in my house to look at each time I pass by it.

I think sewing a new thing for me is going to be a big challenge for me, but I know I can challenge what I’m going to sew, especially if it’s something important for me or my family.

I hope my blog is understandable for friends to read. Feel free to comment below for further questions……..


November 6, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. jacqueline22 replied:

    I never realized when I got you a sewing machine that you would enjoy making amauntis so much

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