Greece and the global Economy

Greece and The Global Economy


         Greece is suffering from a major financial crisis that will affect the daily lives of its people.  This crisis will affect whether families will have food to eat, a place to sleep as well as if the government will have the ability to provide essential services to its citizens.  This crisis has come from poor financial budgeting and financial irresponsibility and overspending.


         This issue that I have stated about poor budgeting and financial irresponsibility causing people major problems and inconveniences can easily be related to my life in Gjoa Haven.  Nunavut as a whole have very poor financial budgeting in my opinion.  Examples of this are quite apparent in the Nunavut Housing Corporation situation.  Nunavut’s poor planning and financial irresponsibility in going over budget by some 100 million dollars has affected many people all throughout Nunavut as well as in Gjoa Haven.  This irresponsibility has cause people in Gjoa Haven not to be able to get their own home or for people in homes to get them renovated because the Housing Corporation now has to make severe cuts to recoup for their overspending.


Another way my life in Gjoa Haven has been affected by financial irresponsibility of the government of Nunavut is that the high school my community has been scheduled for major renovations for the past 5 years.  The renovations needed would cost upwards of 20 million dollars and because of how poorly Nunavut is with its money, the renovations are continually delayed and recently have been allocated roughly 8 million dollars for the project which is not even half as much as needed.  Furthermore, by not making the necessary renovations to the school this affects my children.  As the building they have school in is lacking some of the items that they require to have a good education.


         As in Greece, Gjoa Haven and Nunavut look for others to help in their time of need.  Greece and the European Union and Gjoa Haven have the government of Nunavut and the government of Nunavut has the government of Canada.  Like in Greece, if Gjoa Haven lived within its means then there would be less irresponsible financial spending and possible economic crisis could be avoided.




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