Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, is a very important day for me to remember, because in  ww1 and ww2 people fought for our country, our people and freedom. If it wasn’t for those soldiers, we wouldn’t have had our freedom for our country. There are not only soldiers that we should remember, but there are nurses, doctors, families that have lost their love ones and their friends. I’m sure a lot has effected the wars during those times. It must have been over millions that we lost during the ww1 and ww2. I’m sure people ask why they were fighting at that time, for sure it’s because they didn’t want German to run the countries across the world. Remembrance Day is a day to remember those who fought by land, sea or air.

I’m sure all over our country people remember all those soldiers and everyone else who was in both wars.

The poppies represent all those that fought for our country.


A few summers ago, me and my family went down south for the summer. We some times would drive by St. Catharines graves few days before Canada Day and see Canada flags all over the graves. I think those graves were all soldiers, nurses, doctors, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. For me it was very hard to see because they did what they can do for everyone in our country.

Lest We Forget



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