Assignment 7

10 Years after 9/11

I would say this is a journal entry/personal reflection, because she is talking about 9/11. On what her thoughts were about that day. People were also looking to blame the muslems that lived in America.

She attended five years of college in America, . She never faced any prejudice on the street or concideration for colour or nationality. Even security at the airports went up and if they had a Muslim sounding name and even chances that they would get treated like a potentional criminal.

Advice from the new girls.

I would say Sassy is talking about a social commentary, because of how the teens are acting as if they are adults while they attend high school, college and or university.

From my understandings, she talks about how her reaction on how things can be related to new teen girls as they are attending school out side of their home.

Baby no more.

On my understandings she is talking about her daughter in personal reflection. from having a baby to a little girl, which she was proud to call her own.

She remembers her first day of school, first school subject and she had to adapt to classes which had a little  difficult time with.

She remembers her as a cute baby, but everyday she grew more lovely and entertaining.

For the last assignment I’m assuming that it is a documentary, because they found a gorilla lying dead on the ground of Mount T on July 8th, they assisted him with pain killers and antibiotics, but on July 11th, he died
They weren’t able to move him around, so they called in the vets and they came directly to them.


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